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fic award
The jury of the 7th International Forum on Cybersecurity rewards TETRANE for its disruptive technology that allows advanced analysis of software bugs and vulnerabilities.

This year, the jury of the Innovative SME Award has also decided to give a special prize to the company Tetrane for their particularly innovative R&D project. Tetrane has developed an innovative technological response to targeted and sophisticated computer attacks exploiting software vulnerabilities. The REVEN (REVerse ENgine) Technology, which was designed and developed by Tetrane in 2011, analyzes software without having access to the source code, and through reverse engineering allows the detection of software vulnerabilities in similar conditions to those of hackers.

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We are very pleased to be rewarded for our work. The jury chairman was Jean-Michel OROZCO, Head of Cybersecurity - Airbus Defence and Space, and I received the trophy from French State Ministry Axelle LEMAIRE hands.
Unfortunately we have no good photo of the event, it seems we are better at creating amazing software than keeping trace of our triumph ;)

I was aside PRADEO (a world leader on mobile applications security) on the stage, who also won an innovative award.


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