REVEN-Axion screenshot

Since our activity and revenues are growing, we decided to open new job positions.

We have opened new C++ engineers positions, but that's not all. In fact we think we lack a certain role in our R&D team: we need a full-time reverser. There are several reasons we don't have one yet:

  • First, we had to create the product. It took us 4 years of hard R&D work. Now we are a small team, composed 100% by engineers, with big technical challenges and a full development roadmap for the upcoming years. Of course we do use REVEN internally, but the current team members' main task is to make the product.
  • Second, we managed to make business without having full-time in-house reverser for now. And it worked so far, since some quite famous civil companies and Department Of Defense around the world are already using our products, some of them giving us feedback, bug reports, features requests, etc. They are our early key users.
  • Third, well... we didn't have the financial resources until now :) And, now, the product is ready to be used full-time, and both R&D-team and business will benefit from an in-house reverser.

That is where you have a role to play. Yes, YOU!

  • You are a reverser with good skills in assembly language; you know how a CPU works internally (or you are able to quickly learn); you use IDA-pro daily and would want to add the equivalent for dynamic analysis to your toolbox; you want to share most of your work with the world (but keep some parts secret when it is a customer's project); you want to prototype new features (python and/or C++); maybe you'd even like to be a speaker (or at least represent Tetrane occasionally) at conferences around the world: you're the one we need for our team.
  • or maybe you are not this individual but one of your buddies is: just tell him/her about us :)

More details here.

We'll open additional reverser positions during the following years, so stay tunned.

BTW, the screenshot is a bit messy with lots of plugins displayed - don't be afraid, it's only a way to show some features quickly. Have a look at it, realize that you only see a very small part of the product here, and imagine what you could do with all that power in your hands. Yes, the job consists of being paid to use it, while other people are paying to get it.


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