During the short-presentations session, I had the opportunity to talk about REVEN, our Time-Traveling machine (applied for Software Reverse-Engineering and debugging). Until the video is available, you can have a look at my slides (20170618_recon17_REVEN.pdf) and imagine the live on-stage demo by watching some demos videos.

TETRANE is very proud to sponsor RECON-Montreal conference for this June 2017 session. As a info-sec engineer, it's a real pleasure to realize that our money is used to spread knowledge for the community. We've benefited from other companies sponsorship, now it's our turn :)

Everything has just worked as expected and the conf went very well from the beginning to the end, the crew was exhausted but always smiling and joking! Really an amazing conf! Kudos to the RECON organization team, they were both very friendly and enjoyably efficient/professional :)


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