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Who's calling? Finding out which process made a system call

21 Nov 2019 by Louis - Tutorial Technical - Automation Syscall Reverse Engineering Script

The version 2.2 of REVEN saw the addition of the Analysis Python API, that lets you automate the analysis of a scenario using scripts. The API sparkled the interest of our users and gave them inspiration to handle many use cases by scripting. One of these use cases is going...

CVE-2019-1347: When a mouse over a file is enough to crash your system

12 Nov 2019 by Luc - Technical - REVEN Reverse Engineering PE Parsing CVE Taint Kernel PTE

CVE-2019-1347 is a vulnerability disclosed in october 2019 by Mateusz @j00ru Jurczyk in the Windows relocation mechanism when parsing a PE file. By simply placing your mouse cursor over the Proof of Concept file, a Blue Screen Of Death is triggered. We thought the original description could be positively completed...