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Announcing REVEN version 2.6

15 Sep 2020 by Louis and Marc - REVEN - REVEN Announcement Releases

Tetrane is pleased to announce that the release of REVEN 2.6 Enterprise and Professional is available. REVEN is an automated Reverse Engineering Platform designed to go x10 faster & x10 deeper using Timeless Analysis. Technically, REVEN captures a time slice of a full system execution (CPU, Memory, Hardware events) to...

Interactive write-ups with REVEN and Jupyter

09 Sep 2020 by Louis - Tutorial - Reverse Engineering Analysis API REVEN

OK, so you just recorded this nice trace of the latest malware-of-the-week, great! You went around the timeline in Axion, did some symbol search, it all looks very promising. Time to dive into the depths of the analysis… What was the name of that function again? The one that’s probably...

Timeless Full-System analysis with REVEN and WinDbg

03 Sep 2020 by Louis - Tutorial - Reverse Engineering REVEN WinDbg

REVEN 2.5 introduced a new integration between REVEN and Microsoft WinDbg. This integration brings WinDbg and REVEN closer together, allowing you to access a REVEN trace as if it were a live VM and benefit from REVEN’s full-system timeless analysis and full-fledged scripting API, together with WinDbg’s familiar debugger interface....