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Announcing REVEN version 2.7

17 Dec 2020 by Louis and Marc - REVEN - REVEN Announcement Releases

Tetrane is pleased to announce the release of REVEN Enterprise and REVEN Professional 2.7. REVEN is an automated Reverse Engineering Platform designed to go x10 faster & x10 deeper using Timeless Analysis. Technically, REVEN captures a time slice of a full system execution (CPU, Memory, Hardware events) to provide unique...

Detecting Use-After-Free vulnerabilities using REVEN

15 Dec 2020 by Louis ,Quentin and Benoit - REVEN - Use After Free Reverse Engineering Vulnerability Detection Analysis API Taint REVEN

Tetrane’s Timeless Debugging and Analysis (TDnA) allows to capture a time slice of the execution of a system (CPU, Memory, Hardware Events) and provides some powerful analysis features that speed up and scale the reverse engineering process. It can be combined with various fuzzing approaches that will drive the discovery...