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Finding uses of cryptographic functions and the data encrypted by an application

26 Jan 2021 by Louis - Tutorial - Use cases REVEN Reverse Engineering Analysis API Cryptography

How to find cryptography implemented by an application in a REVEN trace? Let’s explore two ways of doing so! Looking for known symbol calls REVEN provides several features related to symbol calls: The symbol search feature allows you to look throughout the entire trace to find calls to a specific...

HITBCyberWeek 2020 REVEN Lab replay

19 Jan 2021 by Mathieu - Conference - Reverse Engineering REVEN Exploit Buffer overflow CVE

In November 2020, Tetrane presented a remote technical hands-on lab at HITB CyberWeek about timeless debugging and analysis. We are sharing the recording of the lab as it’s a good opportunity to discover the dynamic approach of REVEN: the type of questions a trace can provide answers to, how to...