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Who corrupted the data! Get a fast and precise answer with the taint

18 Feb 2021 by Louis - REVEN - REVEN Reverse Engineering Taint

In vulnerability analysis a frequent question that needs answering is: “who corrupted this data?”. Timeless Debugging and Analysis (TDnA) systems like REVEN can provide fast and accurate answers to this particular question. For example, the Memory History feature of REVEN allows to see the entire list of accesses to a...

REVEN OpenLab - Feb 18th, 2021

17 Feb 2021 by Marc - Conference - Reverse Engineering REVEN CVE

Join us on February 18th for an Open Lab where you will analyze 2 recent CVEs using REVEN Timeless Analysis and Debugging Platform. After a short introduction, you will take the driving seat (each participant gets her/his own REVEN instance) to analyze: A program crash CVE-2020-16898: Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Remote...

Detecting Buffer-Overflow vulnerabilities using REVEN

11 Feb 2021 by Quentin - REVEN - Reverse Engineering Vulnerability Detection Analysis API Taint REVEN

The REVEN Buffer-Overflow (BoF) detection capability is built on the top of the Use-after-Free (UaF) script. Therefore, it is best to read the UaF article before this one. We will explain how the UaF detection Jupyter notebook led us to develop a Buffer-Overflow detection Jupyter notebook (available on Github) and...