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Looking at a Linux CVE with REVEN 2.8.2

17 Jun 2021 by Louis and Quentin - REVEN - Linux Reverse Engineering Vulnerability Detection Analysis API Taint REVEN

Want to analyze Linux systems or applications using Tetrane’s Timeless Debugging and Analysis (TDnA) platform? The freshly released REVEN 2.8.2 adds official support for Linux to the Professional edition! In this article, we will see a step by step analysis of a recent vulnerability–CVE-2021-3156– from the record of an exploit...

Reverse Engineering through trace diffing - several approaches

03 Jun 2021 by Mathieu - REVEN - Reverse Engineering REVEN Diff Comparison

When doing software discovery or vulnerability analysis, it’s often helpful to analyze the difference between two situations: before/after patches, before/after changing an input, crash/no-crash related to changes in fuzzer-generated inputs, etc. In this article, we will see how two analysis scenarios in REVEN can be compared by diffing their traces...