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A tour of the Rust and C++ interoperability ecosystem

22 Mar 2022 by Louis - Development - Rust C++

Rust is a programming language with a very interesting value proposition when coming from C++, and so it is only natural to see increasing usage of it in REVEN’s codebase. We have some internal tooling using the language, the frontend for our Windbg integration is written in Rust, and REVEN...

Automatic post-fuzzing triage and automation using REVEN

08 Mar 2022 by Louis ,Quentin and Mickaël - Technical - Reverse Engineering REVEN Fuzzing AFL Workflow API

As those of you lucky enough to attend the great OffensiveCon 2022 might be aware, we are developing a Fuzzing & Triage platform based off REVEN Enterprise Edition. The platform aims at automating root cause analysis by deriving advanced information about crashes found by a fuzzer, such as the origin...

Yes, race conditions can be detected with a single core Timeless Debugging and Analysis platform!

01 Mar 2022 by Louis and Quentin - Technical - Reverse Engineering REVEN Buffer overflow Taint Race Condition Vulnerability Detection

As REVEN emulates a single core machine, a frequent question we receive is if it is possible to use REVEN to analyze race conditions. There can be a lot of confusion around what is possible or not, so in this article we hope to address this by giving examples of...