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REVEN Vulnerability Research Automation Demo

29 Jun 2021 by Marc - Conference Automation - Reverse Engineering Automation REVEN Video

Watch the replay of the REVEN Automation Demo event we did on June 18th. It focuses on: Building a fully automated workflow from recording system/software activities to analyzing it for discovery, vulnerability research, fuzzing integration, CVE analysis, etc. Advanced scripting: detecting Use-After-Free and Out-Of-Bounds memory access vulnerabilities. This part is...

Automated analysis of crashes or malware, and integration with fuzzers

06 May 2020 by Mathieu - Tutorial Automation - Demo Automation Workflow API Analysis API Scenario recording

Analyzing a crash within a fuzzing process or not, capturing and analyzing malware activities, those tasks can now be fully automated with REVEN. It’s also easy to plug it into your tool chain or customize it. This demo presents the entire automated workflow: starting a VM. loading and launching the...

REVEN Tainting and APIs for automation

07 Apr 2020 by Louis - Tutorial Automation - Demo REVEN API

This demo focuses on 2 areas: The REVEN data flow tainting feature that makes it easy to follow data across processes using IPC or local network communications The REVEN Python API to automate analysis tasks, used here for data tainting. The example is based on the application Tokio chat with...