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Automatic post-fuzzing triage and automation using REVEN

08 Mar 2022 by Louis ,Quentin and Mickaël - Technical - Reverse Engineering REVEN Fuzzing AFL Workflow API

As those of you lucky enough to attend the great OffensiveCon 2022 might be aware, we are developing a Fuzzing & Triage platform based off REVEN Enterprise Edition. The platform aims at automating root cause analysis by deriving advanced information about crashes found by a fuzzer, such as the origin...

Plug REVEN to your fuzzing pipeline and take advantage of Timeless Debugging and Analysis

02 Sep 2021 by Skia - Technical - Reverse Engineering REVEN Fuzzing AFL Workflow API

Ever wondered how you could integrate REVEN with your fuzzing pipeline, to automatically record the crashes you find and have them ready for analysis without manual intervention? Fear not, this is actually very easy thanks to the automatic recording API provided by REVEN Enterprise and a small piece of Python!...

Recording vulnerabilities related to non-deterministic bugs, crashes or other complex cases

01 Apr 2021 by Mathieu - REVEN - Reverse Engineering REVEN Crash Fuzzing Automation

To analyze non-deterministic bugs or crashes, one must be able to observe exactly what happens when the problem occurs. This is a notoriously tedious task when working with a debugger or from logs. However with REVEN, once you capture the exact period of time during which the problem happens, then...