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REVEN Vulnerability Research Automation Demo

29 Jun 2021 by Marc - Conference Automation - Reverse Engineering Automation REVEN Video

Watch the replay of the REVEN Automation Demo event we did on June 18th. It focuses on: Building a fully automated workflow from recording system/software activities to analyzing it for discovery, vulnerability research, fuzzing integration, CVE analysis, etc. Advanced scripting: detecting Use-After-Free and Out-Of-Bounds memory access vulnerabilities. This part is...

REVEN Open Demo and Open Lab videos

13 Apr 2021 by Marc - Conference - Reverse Engineering REVEN CVE Video

On March 19th, 2021, we did an Open Demo to present REVEN Timeless Analysis and Debugging Platform and its main features throught demonstrations. We recorded those demonstrations to enable everyone to discover REVEN. The 1h video is accessible below. It gives a good overview of how to: Record a trace...