Announcing Tetrane acquisition by eShard

Jul 26, 2022
by Marc
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Tetrane -> eShard

I am really excited to announce that eShard has acquired Tetrane.

At Tetrane, we have spent years rethinking and reinventing how timeless analytics can contribute to vulnerability research. It’s been a crazy, exciting, and fun journey, during which we’ve built an incredible team of very talented people. This is the beginning of another great step forward.

eShard is a leading specialist willing to make cybersecurity tools scalable focusing on security solutions for in-depth security in ICs, software and IoT devices. Working in defense and aerospace, finance, high-tech, health and semiconductor industries, the company helps its customers to address the complex security challenges.

Look at eShard products: Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection, Firmware Security analysis, Mobile Application Security Testing, and you will clearly understand that this is the perfect fit for REVEN and the team. By combining capabilities and expertise, we will be able to execute our exciting roadmap to offer an even better REVEN to our customers.

Under the eShard brand, REVEN will become a reference tool for vulnerability research in different platforms, including mobile and IoT. In this strategy, the development of know-how material in advanced reverse engineering will help our customers to achieve their missions.

We are all sharing a vision of where we’d like to be and great ambitions for REVEN. Exciting time ahead!

Accessing REVEN packages, support, etc.

  • All REVEN ressources will stay under the Tetrane brand for the next few months:

Sales & contact

  • License renewal:
    • REVEN Enterprise licenses renewals will be managed under the eShard name.
    • REVEN Professional licenses acquisition and renewal stay the same and be mainly online .
    • REVEN Free license - get it online.
    • Contact the team
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