Getting ready for analysis with REVEN (2/3): Lightening of the VM

Jul 28, 2020
by Louis
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Tags: Workflow API - Scenario recording -

This video article is part of a series on virtual machine configuration for use with REVEN:

  1. Importing a VM
  2. Lightening the VM for more efficient scenario recording (this article)
  3. Finalizing the configuration workflow

Today’s video is about an unsuspected, yet very important step in the VM configuration process: VM lightening allows you to remove unnecessary parts of the Operating System that would otherwise create unwanted noise during the recording process.

By the end of this video, you now have a lightened VM with which you’ll be able to record scenarios efficiently. The last steps in the process include extracting the filesystem from the VM so that you’ll be able to download symbol files in the analysis. See you soon!

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