Launching REVEN Free Edition

Dec 01, 2021
by Marc
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We are really happy to release REVEN Free Edition!

Whether you are a hobbyist, a student, a professional Reverse Engineer wanting to know more about REVEN capabilities and workflow, or just curious, you can now discover Tetrane’s Timeless Debugging and Analysis (TDnA) Platform freely.

With this edition, you will be able to analyze your custom Windows 7 system (OS & applications) or Debian 9 Stretch system (OS & applications), leveraging the Axion GUI and the Analysis Python API.

You can now join our users who enjoy REVEN to perform vulnerability analysis, malware analysis, software discovery, exploration of Windows or Linux kernel mechanisms, etc.

Use REVEN to capture a time slice of a full system execution (CPU, Memory, Hardware events) and take advantage of our unique analysis features, such as Memory History or forward/backward data flow Taint, …, that speed up and scale the reverse engineering process.

Our purpose is to continue our efforts to democratize Timeless Debugging and Analysis and therefore contribute to the community by enabling anyone to analyze the environments supported by REVEN Free Edition.

To help you getting started, you will find articles on the blog, demos on Tetrane’s website, videos on YouTube, a quick start guide, etc.

Start right away!


How can I get REVEN Free Edition?

  1. Get the installation package from the REVEN Free Edition download page.
  2. Install the package following the documentation.
  3. Follow the quick start guide to record and analyze your targeted systems.

How does the Free Edition compare to REVEN Professional or Enterprise?

REVEN Free Edition has the same set of features than REVEN Professional, with restrictions on the environments that can be recorded and analyzed. It is only possible to replay/record scenarios using one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit).
  • Debian 9 Stretch Virtual Machine (using the provided VM).

See details on our pricing page or in the documentation.

What are the requirements?

REVEN Free Edition can be installed on almost any regular hardware if the purpose is just to discover it and record/replay/analyze short traces. Look at the requirements documentation to get more details.

Regarding the system, the native package must be installed on a Debian 10 Buster amd64 system. However, any recent Linux system can be used with the provided Docker image.

Can REVEN run in a VM?

Yes. We have tested the installation of REVEN in a VM on hypervisors such as VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V, etc.

Look at our documentation to setup your VM.

How can I get a Windows 7 VM or a Debian 9 Strech VM?

Should you need a Windows 7 installation ISO or a VM, a few links are available on the web or on Microsoft’s web site for Window 7 x86 VMs.

What are the Terms & Privacy policy of this Edition?

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