REVEN Free Edition - Install Party

Dec 14, 2021
by Marc
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Join us for the REVEN Free Edition Install Party on December 21 at 10am EST

If you are curious about REVEN, its capabilities, and did not yet took time to discover it, it is the perfect occasion for you to install REVEN Free Edition and try it out. You will also have live access to the development team to provide support or answer more general questions about the product.

During the livestream, we will go through the points below and the team will be there to provide live support and for Q&A.

  • Getting REVEN running on your own system
  • Recording your first trace
  • Getting an introduction to the analysis UI & API

Add the party to your agenda (details to join included)

Steps to have everything you need at hand for the party

  • 1- Download the REVEN Free Edition that fits you from download page. The Party will mainly focus on the VM option as it should be the easiest option for you see Install the VM.

  • 2- Download a VM of the system you want to record with REVEN:
  • You are all set!


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