REVEN Vulnerability Research Automation Demo

Jun 29, 2021
by Marc
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Watch the replay of the REVEN Automation Demo event we did on June 18th. It focuses on:

  • Building a fully automated workflow from recording system/software activities to analyzing it for discovery, vulnerability research, fuzzing integration, CVE analysis, etc.
  • Advanced scripting: detecting Use-After-Free and Out-Of-Bounds memory access vulnerabilities. This part is presented using a real use-case.

We recorded those demonstrations to enable everyone to discover how to automate reverse engineering activities. The 1h video is accessible below (video chapters are available to navigate to specific sections: recording, analysis, etc.).

If you don’t know anything about REVEN, we recommend that you first watch the general introduction demo.


If you want to know more about the subjects covered during this demo, please refer to the following material:

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